Need someone to design your palm card?

Catherine is our freelance designer and she offers quick turnaround at reasonable prices. Contact her here:

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Tell the community you are running for elected office with a custom palm card. With an easily handed out and impactful palm card, you can spread your message, share a little bit about yourself, and remind constituents to vote in the upcoming election. Palm cards are effective at getting undecided voters to lean a certain way if the message lines up with their values and vote in an election where they would have otherwise stayed home.

Our professional palm cards are durable and withstand water marks and wrinkling. They reflect top quality color and printing and up to date, modern designs. Show your community you are a serious contender for office with a professional palm card.

The standard size palm card is 4″x9” and can display your content horizontally or vertically. Typically, the front of the palm card is focused on the major campaign themes with your photo, logo (if you have one), and the office sought. With a few bullet points, the voter can see what’s most important. If you have their attention, the desire is to have them learn more about you by reading the fine points on the back.

Readability is crucial, and too many, or too few words, as well as poor font size and shape can negatively affect readability. Simple sentences and wording work best when conveying a message to the masses, and too much information can cause them to lose interest.

With a professional design, your palm card will attract voters, and your message will be laid out to capture their attention.