Free Campaign Cards Template

Free Campaign Cards Template

Campaign Palm Card Templates that you can use and re-use.

These Free Palm Card Templates are made with Photoshop, and you can edit them with Photoshop. Each template has a layer to show where the bleed and cut lines are for the palm card or push card. Please turn this layer of or hide the layer on the template before saving to JPG or PDF.

To use the free template, open it in PhotoShop and change the text and change images.

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All of these templates can be used for any political office. We print palm cards for

  • City Council
  • State House Representatives
  • County Judge
  • Justice of The Peace
  • State Senate Candidates
  • U.S. House of Representatives
  • U.S. Senate
  • Governor
  • State Attorney General
  • And almost any other political race you can think of.

We print millions of campaign palm cards per year.

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