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With a rich and diverse portfolio, the Voter Contact designer brings extensive experience in crafting compelling political materials tailored for candidates at all levels of office. Their expertise spans the spectrum, from local campaigns including school board, sheriff, and city council races, to broader regional endeavors such as state governor and state senate campaigns.

The Voter Contact designer’s commitment to excellence and proficiency in political design positions them as a reliable partner for candidates seeking standout promotional materials that resonate with their constituents. The approach is rooted in a fusion of their creative perspective and a deep understanding of the specific political office a candidate seeks, coupled with their integral role within the community.

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In each design endeavor, the Voter Contact designer’s approach is to encapsulate the essence of the candidate as a proud and engaged community member. By incorporating images of significant local landmarks, flags, and environmental elements, they create designs that resonate with the community’s unique identity.

Push card design by Voter Contact

Beyond visual aesthetics, the Voter Contact designer provides strategic counsel on how design can effectively emphasize a candidate’s strengths.

They guide candidates on the optimal balance of content within their designs, advising on the inclusion of compelling bullet points and steering away from overwhelming paragraphs. This nuanced approach allows candidates to present their qualifications and values in a visually impactful manner, fostering a connection with voters through well-crafted and engaging campaign materials.


Known for efficiency in meeting tight deadlines, the Voter Contact designer typically completes push card designs within 1 to 2 days. In urgent situations, they offer a rush design option, ensuring a swift turnaround with the capability to have the design finished on the same day. Communication throughout the design process ensures client input is seamlessly integrated, with clients receiving not only the design file but also print-ready PDF files for superior print results.


Affordable Push Card Design for Any Political Race

The Voter Contact designer’s pricing structure includes $100 per push card design for regular production time and a rush design option at $150 for expedited services. Clients are encouraged to communicate upfront if their project requires a rush design, allowing for effective prioritization and a seamless process. It’s emphasized that rush design materials maintain the same high quality as regular production time designs, with the additional fee covering the dedication of resources and prioritization for a polished and impactful design within an expedited timeframe.

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In the dynamic and competitive realm of political campaigns, the Voter Contact designer is dedicated to delivering professional and succinctly informative push card designs that resonate with constituents. Their work can be explored on showcased designs at VoterContact Shop and VoterContact Facebook, providing a firsthand look at the caliber of their impactful campaign materials.

Clients can trust the Voter Contact designer’s commitment to leaving a lasting impression on their target audience.

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Voter Contact will correct any errors that arise from improper cutting, poor print quality, color and print shift or delays in printing

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