Examples of a Few Very Good Political Palm Cards

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Here are few Palm Cards / Push Cards Examples for the 2016 campaign season.

Palm Card for Judge City council pam card

Here are few of our favorite Palm Cards / Push Cards for the 2014 primary season.

 Horizontal Palm Cards are getting more popular in 2014. 

horizontal palm card

Another WI State House Candidate Tiffany Koehler had a couple of great palm cards this cycle. This one is one of our favorites.

horizontal palm card

Below you will see a more traditional palm card. It hits the checklist of how to do a basic palm card but do it perfectly. 

horizontal palm card

Dwight, in his palm card below went for a it would be funny if it wasn't true approach. This is one of our only palm cards to go after the sitting candidates.

vertical palm card

If you print your palm card with voter contact you will save money and get top quality printing.