There are a lot of things you can do with your free time but few offer the rewards you will get when you volunteer for a local political campaign.

Campaigns are high energy, goal oriented entrepreneurial endeavors that condense a lot of emotion and work into a very specific time line.

Some of the benefits of volunteering for a campaign:

Networking: People who work on campaigns are motivated and they care about their community. Many of them are influential and server local boards, run businesses and are the who's-who of your community. These a great people to know and better yet these are great people let get to know you.

Learn New Skills: Many volunteers take on projects that need to be done that they have no experience in. They learn quickly and get things done. I have seen people learn how to create a website, learn excel, learn graphic design and learn how to lead a team. Go volunteer, I guarantee you will learn something valuable.

Learn More About Issues: It is hard to be involved in a campaign without getting bombarded with campaign messages. The smart volunteers research what they hear and often know the issues as good as the candidates.

Enhance Your Resume: If you are a young person and you need to beef up your resume, working on a campaign will do just that. Be sure to pick a campaign you care about. If you are in an area that has a political leaning, and your are volunteering to beef up your resume be sure to pick a campaign that will be looked upon fondly and not the long shot campaign that is sure to get less than 5% of the vote.

When you volunteer for a campaign you meet people from all walks of life who care about the community. The people you meet will range from very important people in business and government to a local grandmother who has time on her hands who want to make a difference. If you are young adult or young professional the connection you make when you volunteer in politics will invaluable. 


If you need help finding a campaign that needs help you should reach out to the local political party. They will be able to connect you with someone that needs your help.

Good luck volunteering. I hope you get as much from it as the candidate that you help.

Examples of a Few Very Good Political Palm Cards

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Here are few of our favorite Palm Cards / Push Cards for the 2014 primary season.

 Horizontal Palm Cards are getting more popular in 2014. 

horizontal palm card

Another WI State House Candidate Tiffany Koehler had a couple of great palm cards this cycle. This one is one of our favorites.

horizontal palm card

Below you will see a more traditional palm card. It hits the checklist of how to do a basic palm card but do it perfectly. 

horizontal palm card

Dwight, in his palm card below went for a it would be funny if it wasn't true approach. This is one of our only palm cards to go after the sitting candidates.

vertical palm card

If you print your palm card with voter contact you will save money and get top quality printing.

Six Key Elements to Effective Campaign Postcards

Getting a great response from your political mailer typically comes down to two key components:

  1. targeting the right voters
  2. giving those voters a message they will read and relate with.
Political Postcard Image

When designing a political postcard we recommend you follow these simple guidelines to have a better chance of engaging your voters and winning your election. These are general guidelines and work well for GOTV and name recognition postcards.


1 Use an Eye Catching Graphic

Candidate Headshot for postcard

Use an eye catching graphic, a photo of the candidate works well if the candidate is photogenic. If the candidate is not photogenic or if the theme of the postcard is about an issue try to use a graphic that will a positive reaction from your target voter. If you are mailing senior citizens you will be well served to use a photo of a senior or of a grandchild. Sending a postcard to a senior citizens home with a young happy couple on the front may not get noticed.

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